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You can explore Ideaphora's concept mapping environment and try it out for your personal use using our 45-day trial. You can identify and connect concepts from our current library of digital content sources and create knowledge maps. Concept mapping helps learners develop a deeper understanding of the ideas presented in videos, ebooks, and other online resources; synthesize information from various sources; build new connections, and build lasting personalized knowledge.

Watch this video and learn how to create your first knowledge map!

*You can sign up for our Classroom Pilot Program by clicking  “I am interested in piloting with students” and submitting the form on the right.

New Interface Summer – Fall 2016

New Interface June 2016

  • Try Ideaphora for free without having to register. Try Now!
  • 45 Day full trials also available
  • Classroom Pilots available

Added May 2016

  • Ideaphora available to teachers and students on the Edmodo platform
    • You can log in with your Edmodo credentials after clicking our “LOG IN” button above
    • You can find Ideaphora in Edmodo Spotlight and access our free beta there

Added April 2016

  • Create maps from uploaded PDFs – See Video
  • User can copy images from other sources and paste into maps – See Video
  • Context Sensitive Preferences

Added March 2016

  • Adjust amount of Keywords to display
    • Fewer keywords for less distraction
    • Mode keywords for greater details
  • Preference for pausing during keyword dragging
  • Preference for highlighting keywords aligned with audio
  • See our video outlining all these features

Added February 2016

Added January 2016

  • Mobile tablet support
  • Improved keyword scrolling and visibility
  • Continually improved keyword accuracy based on your usage
  • Additional content available
  • Share your maps with others – See our video
  • Teacher/Student Pilot* management tools

Added December 2015

Coming Soon

  • Connect additional resources types for mapping
    • MP4s, and Webpages
  • In-Map Collaboration


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