Ideaphora partners with content publishers and learning management system (LMS) providers to integrate its interactive concept mapping technology into their solutions, adding proven educational value to a wide range of curriculum resources and tools.

Ideaphora provides the technological expertise and pedagogical understanding to provide education companies with effective concept mapping solutions and knowledge-building tools, so they can focus their core strengths—delivering high-quality content and online learning environments. While digital content is increasingly available, students have difficulty constructing lasting knowledge from these resources. There’s an urgent need for tools that enable learners to seamlessly take notes, organize information and identify and assimilate concepts directly from the content. Through this process, students develop higher order thinking skills and accelerate their learning.

Partner Spotlight: BrainPOP®

BrainPOP® has partnered with Ideaphora to bring this adaptive knowledge mapping technology to its animated curricular content, with the goal of enriching students’ online learning experience and deepening their understanding of the concepts its resources present.

See Ideaphora in action on BrainPOP®, a leading creator of animated, curricular resources that reaches millions of students worldwide. BrainPOP®‘s Make-a-Map™ tool—powered by Ideaphora—is available to all its users.