Maximize the discoverability and interactivity of your learning content with Ideaphora Concepts and Visualize

 There’s an urgent need for tools that enable learners to seamlessly discover important concepts, take notes, organize information, identify and assimilate concepts directly from the content. Ideaphora’s visual learning technologies encourage learners to more deeply engage with content and develop higher order thinking skills as they accelerate their learning.   

Ideaphora - Complete learning environment

Ideaphora Concepts and Visualize maximize the discoverability and interactivity of your learning content by allowing learners to easily derive meaning from it and to construct highly personalized visual learning artifacts. Ideaphora’s tools can be added to any learning platform to increase engagement and knowledge retention, plus provide for authentic formative assessment.

Ideaphora Concepts

Ideaphora Concepts Identifies Keywords

Along with Ideaphora Visualize, assists learners in the creation of personalized and dynamic learning artifacts, including, Graphic Organizers, Concept Maps, and other written content.

Ideaphora Granular Search

Direct learners to more relevant content, more quickly, than they can otherwise retrieve from traditional searches, such as title and tag searches. Keep them engaged in learning without distractions.

Point learners to the exact place where a searched concept is mentioned in video or text. Concepts can also be aligned to standard vocabularies for educators to find content that meets specific education standards.

Ideaphora Visualize

Ideaphora Visualize

Add an all-in-one screen, drag-and-drop visual learning environment to your platform. Empower learners to build and retain knowledge by creating personalized, visual and dynamic learning artifacts.

Ideaphora Visualize with Concepts

Our easy to use and intelligent study tools increase learner engagement and time on task. Plus, usage analytics inform our partners and educators exactly how learners are engaging with content.

Proven Education Value:

Partner Spotlight: BrainPOP®

BrainPOP® has partnered with Ideaphora to bring this adaptive knowledge mapping technology to its animated curricular content, with the goal of enriching students’ online learning experience and deepening their understanding of the concepts its resources present.

See Ideaphora in action on BrainPOP®, a leading creator of animated, curricular resources that reach millions of students worldwide. BrainPOP®‘s Make-a-Map™ tool—powered by Ideaphora—is available to all its users.


“We are incredibly grateful that Make-a-Map has become such an important part of our classroom culture as a 21st Century tool that benefits students now, prepares them for the future, and boosts their confidence as learners.

Whether collecting or demonstrating knowledge, Make-a-Map has deepened my students’ understanding across subject areas as evident in their assessments.”   

                                                                                                              —Nili Bartley, Fourth Grade Teacher, Hopkins School, Hopkinton, MA

“My students had so much fun learning with Make-a-Map. They also scored higher on their quizzes after the knowledge mapping exercise, as it encouraged them to think more deeply about the content.”

                                                                                                               —Lisa Parisi, 5th Grade Teacher Denton Avenue School, Long Island, NY

Coming Soon: Ideaphora Visual Assess

Automatically compares student created map to a “standard” for authentic assessment

Our technology automatically identifies misunderstandings and gaps in logic, allowing learners to check their logic without instructor intervention or instructors can test a learner’s understanding. Authentic assessment derived directly from learners’ work vs. tests saves valuable learning time.  Aggregated data based on student work helps identify potential gaps in instruction.