Ideaphora and Gooru Partner to Help Universities Improve Student Outcomes With Open Resources and Courses


Partners to develop new free offering for higher education that integrates concept mapping tools with catalog of digital content and powerful analytics

PORTLAND, Ore. (Nov. 14, 2016) – Despite growth in online course enrollment, higher education institutions are challenged with high attrition rates in these courses. To boost student retention in online and blended learning courses, Ideaphora has partnered with Gooru to develop a new offering for college students and universities that will increase student engagement and success in digital coursework through concept mapping and the tracking of student progress and understanding.

The new offering will combine the respective expertise from each partner. Gooru, a non-profit organization, blends powerful assessments and analytics with a catalog of learning resources to enable educators and researchers to “open-source” effective content and practice, amplifying the success of personalized learning from one classroom to all classrooms everywhere. Ideaphora’s technology deconstructs digital content into meaningful concepts for students to analyze and connect in a visual map. The Ideaphora online concept mapping platform helps educators foster students’ higher order thinking skills and assimilate information from digital content in a way that’s seamless, effective and personalized. Together, Gooru and Ideaphora will collaborate to expand Gooru’s learning navigator in service of higher education.

Higher education students will be able to use the new offering from Gooru and Ideaphora to take notes and visualize their thinking when interacting with their online course material, which includes resources such as videos, recorded lectures, ebooks, and websites. The concept maps can be used as assignments to show course progress.

“To fully realize the benefits of online and blended learning in higher education, we need to provide students with the tools and support to deeply engage in the course content,” said Prasad Ram, founder and CEO of Gooru. “Our partnership with Ideaphora will enable colleges and universities to transition students from consumers to creators, helping students construct and apply their knowledge in meaningful ways as they move through online course material.”

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About Ideaphora
Ideaphora is committed to shaping young minds by developing technologies that help students learn how to construct, retain and apply knowledge from the growing array of digital content. The company offers the first-of-its-kind learning environment that enables students to engage with and assimilate online content in a way that’s seamless, effective and personalized. Ideaphora supports schools and educators in extending the proven practice of concept mapping to the demands of today’s digitally driven world. Visit for more information or contact

About Gooru
Gooru is an educational technology 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to honoring the human right to education. Gooru has developed a learning navigator that provides teachers with real-time data and educator-curated learning resources to help students understand where they are and how to reach their goals. For more information, please visit

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