The Ideaphora Classroom Platform for educators and students combines sound educational practices with the latest technological advances to enrich online educational experiences and use concept mapping as a strategy to accelerate student learning.


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Ideaphora is a browser-based tool that doesn’t require a plug-in or download and can be used on all computers, and tablets. It’s available anytime, anywhere, and integrates with a wide range of digital learning material.


Maps are personalized based on the learners’ personal view of a topic or assignment. Organizing information in a way that makes sense to them and creating a personalized view of the material enables learners to develop lasting learning connections.

Ease Of Use

Our technology identifies key concepts and images in online learning material for easy drag-and-drop placement into a concept map. This dramatically reduces the time it takes learners to fill in the “blank slate” and start constructing concept maps. Ideaphora enables students to focus solely on making connections and constructing knowledge through creative thought.


Concepts on the map are automatically linked to the source material, so users can go back and forth between their map key concepts and the content from which it was derived. This allows for an effective visual study and re-learning methodology.

Creative Connections

Finding the links between keywords and images is a process by which learners are making their own discovery and learning connections. Ideaphora allows a natural and fluid process to draw these conceptual connections.

Formative Assessment

Teachers are presented with an effective authentic assessment in a format that reinforces learning and recall. The assessments in our solution show a student’s view of how concepts connect, which is dramatically closer to the core of understanding than multiple choice or essay tests. These assessments are more organic and take place in real time while the learner is constructing knowledge and does not distract from the learner’s experience.


From the Classroom

"My students had so much fun learning with Make-a-Map. They also scored higher on their quizzes after the knowledge mapping exercise, as it encouraged them to think more deeply about the content."

—Lisa Parisi, 5th Grade Teacher Denton Avenue School, Long Island, NY

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